Crop Cover

No more pest damage    Frost protection     Extend your growing season

Standard size hoops     350-450 x 550 x5mm

Midi size hoops                550-800 x 850 x5mm

Jumbo size hoops        550-1000 x1150 x6mm

Mammoth size hoops  550-1200 x 1450 x6mm

Please note: The first measurement is the working width of the hop followed by the height out of ground.

We will be adding some other  cloche kits as soon as possible , including a larger version.(stayed tuned or please contact us for styles and sizes not listed here.)

Kits and codes are;


CLOCHE KIT Standard mikroclima (net size 2x4m)


CLOCHE KIT Standard bird econo net (net size 1.2x4m)


CLOCHE KIT Jumbo Microklima (net size 3x4m


CLOCHE KIT Jumbo Bird net (Olirette net size 4x4m


CLOCHE KIT Standard bird Olirette netting


Please click on photos below for more detail.


Jumbo Bird protection

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