Cloche Hoops


SIMPLE                STRONG            10 YEAR GUARANTEE                 MADE IN NZ                  RUST FREE                        

Protect your valuable crops quickly and easily.

Great way to keep dogs & cats off your new plants!

4 sizes available;

 Standard : 350 mm  wide x 570 mm high , made with 5mm pre galvanised wire

MIDI 550 x 850mm Made with 5mm pre-galvanised steel.      

 Jumbo      :  550-1200mm wide x 1150 mm high, made with 6mm pre galvanised wire

Mammoth : 550/1800mm width x 1450/1000mm high,6mm tensile. (the wider the spread the lower the height)

Hold the netting in place with with the nifty Ascot Cloche cloth pin / Row marker  and Ascot Cloche Clips

Other sizes on request.

Labeled Hoop comparison
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