Seaweed Liquid fertiliser

GB1000 low res

Buy Waikaitu Liquid Seaweed products to have healthy soil, abundant crops and help remove a invasive 'Weed' from our waters. 

GB1000 Rear low res

Created for any home gardener who want's to feed their growing food crops with all the necessary trace elements to get the best quality fruit, vegetables, lawns and flowers that are healthy and organic.  Just dilute in a spray bottle and spray on leaves or on the soil.

Waikaitu Garden Booster is a 100% Organic extract of Undaria Pinnatifida seaweed (an invasive species), harvested in Marlborough Sounds New Zealand and provides a full range of natural compounds and trace elements. It can be used on any plant to boost health, nutrition and growth rates.

  • Contains very little phosphorous and nitrogen so can be used on natives
  • Will not materially change the pH of soil
  • Improves flowering and fertility
  • Highly economical - dilute with water at 100:1 or after a few applications 200:1 for foliar feed or 50 to 1 for root application
  • Safe around pets and children.
  • Can be sprayed together with soluble fertilizers.
  • Apply at any time of the year.
  • Helps lessen transplant shock.
  • Develops healthier roots
  • Improves pest resistance of plants
  • Improves nutritional and taste qualities of plants
  • Beneficial to bees when sprayed on leaves and flowers of plants

Also available in commercial quantities of 10, 20, 200 & 1000 litres.

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