Waikaitu Liquid Seaweed.


SEAWEED BASED REFINED CONCENTRATED BIOSTIMULANT                                        

Waikaitu uses 100% wild harvested and processed seaweed to create completely natural foliar biostimulant and soil conditioner. NZBioActiveTM  is extracted exclusively from brown algae Undaria Pinnatifida which is classified as invasive seaweed. This makes it one of the most effective and ecologically responsible organic plant nutrient suspensions available. It has a stimulative effect on plants, especially during early growth and periods of stress such as drought, heat, pest pressure or frost. It stimulates cell division, root formation and improves fruit size. It is also indicated for use to lessen transplant stress. International research confirms usefulness of brown seaweed like Undaria in improving soil microbial activity which leads directly to better plant health.

Waikaitu NZBioActiveTM Topsoil Activator comes in liquid form and can be used both for root and foliar application. It can also be added to irrigation systems for ease of application.

Some of the key points of NZBioActiveTM:

  • BioGro - Organic Certification as Fertiliser Input number BG5467
  • Local Product - made only with Malrborough Sounds harvested seaweed
  • Security of Supply – Waikaitu is one of the largest producers of organically certified seaweed fertiliser in NZ
  • Systemic - Maximizes the health of your entire crop: roots, stems, leaves and fruit
  • Superb Viticulture Nutrient Source
  • Bioactive - made from fresh seaweed, not dried, to retain higher levels of plant hormones and nutrients
  • Fermented aerobically and highly refined - reduced odor and eliminates sludge, remains in suspension without settling
  • Stimulates plant enzymatic and hormonal activity - improves pest and disease resistance
  • Provides 71 key fertilizing elements and binds them to the soil reducing leaching


Element                 mg/kg
Nitrogen                        49
Potassium                1,434
Boron                            4.8
Manganese                   10
Magnesium                 167
Zinc                               6
Calcium                       62
Iodine                        233
Iron                              1.2
Sulphur                      171
Organic Material           40%

Vitamins: Vitamin A,C, E, Choline, B complex, Folic Acid

Other: Fucoxanthin, Fucoidan, Alginic Acid, Phlorotannins, Mannitol, Essential Amino Acids, Omega 3 EPA

Growth Regulators: Auxins, Cytokinins, Gibberellins

Suggested Application Rates


Foliar Spray 2 - 5 liter per hectare at 20-30cm cane, at 40-60cm cane, at pre-bloom and then every 2 weekly.

Apply 5 l/ha per season in the Fall.



Dairy 5-12 l/ha

Drystock, Hay 4-10 ltr/ha

Apply to wet grass.

Dilute 1:50  to 1:100


Field crops

Booster 5-1 2 l/ha

Corn, Maize, Brassica, Cereals, Pumpkin, Squash, Kumara, Potatoes and Onions.

Dilute 1:200 or 1:150 & apply 3-4 times


Trees and Shrubs

Dilute 1:100 & apply every 10-14 days during the growing season.


Foliar Spray

Pip & Stone Fruit, Citrus & Berryfruit, Glasshouse Crops, Flowers

Apply diluted 1:100 or 1:150 at 3-4 weeks intervals during early fruit growth & longer intervals from then onwards. Use with routine sprays for efficiency. Final rates will depend on amount of base fertilizer used. Apply to drip point.

Available in 10, 20, 200 and 1000ltr sizes.

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