Twistake the Universal Stake

World's Easiest Stake                     No Tools Required                 Non-twisting in Ground                                        

                                 Strong & Supple                    10 year guarantee                                NZ made.

Use these versatile stakes all over the garden for almost all your staking requirements. Just the handiest stake you will ever own!

The twin prongs push easily ( no hammering needed) into the soil and resist twisting.

* place in line with twine through the eyes for vines/beans etc..

*use for temporary / emergency fences

*temporary staking in storms

*train plant into shapes & forms

*mini flag poles

*crowd control using rope 

*temporary sign posts

* and lots of other uses

Handy range of sizes; small 800mm , medium 900mm , large 1200mm , Jumbo 1500mm, XL 1950mm

Galvanised Steel construction.

They are available in satin black.

copyright 2010
Ascot Industries NZ  064 4 904 4199